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I'm running Mac OS version...

10.1 8985 (85.10)%
9.x 634 (6.00)%
10.0.x 578 (5.47)%
What's a mac? 260 (2.46)%
8.x 101 (0.96)%

10558 votes | 54 comments

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How to download OS X 10.1
Posted by: Anonymous on Oct 07, 2001 04:04AM
I have AOL as my ISP. But I haven't been able to get any of there OS X versions to work. The only way you can download 10.1 is by getting on the Apple update site running OS X. I have set my connections to what works when I use OS 9.2.1, but I still can't seem to connect to AOL. Help!

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OS 10.1
Posted by: Anonymous on Oct 09, 2001 11:29PM
I've purchased a copy, running me a total of $26.50.. I feel its worth the price because of the added speed and so forth.. I love OS 10.0.4, therefore I'm excited that 10.1 will rock!

My order finally shipped today! I placed it on 9/24, and it shipped 10/9, hopefully it will be here in a few days..

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  • OS 10.1 - Posted by: Anonymous on Oct 16, 2001 02:39AM
    • OS 10.1 - Posted by: Anonymous on Oct 19, 2001 03:50PM
      • OS 10.1 - Posted by: Anonymous on Dec 01, 2001 04:22PM
Mac OS X 10.1 a disappointment
Posted by: Anonymous on Oct 17, 2001 03:15PM
I have anxiously awaiting Mac OS X (actually a replacement
for Mac OS 7.x->9.x) for many years. 10.1 is a good update
, but I cannot help but feel Apple could be doing alot
better in getting out a great OS "for the rest of us"! Speed
and stability are still key issues with the OS. The interface
really needs a overhaul. Apple used to have a design
guru and guidelines, but the guy and guidlines went out the
door years ago!

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Im Getting it soon
Posted by: Anonymous on Oct 22, 2001 10:11PM
Im gonna get it soon have my coupons :) but havent had time to go to compUSA.

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  • Got it here - Posted by: Anonymous on Oct 23, 2001 02:42PM
    • Got it here - Posted by: Anonymous on Nov 23, 2001 01:56PM
OS 10.1
Posted by: Anonymous on Oct 27, 2001 11:08PM
OS X - It just makes my life beautiful

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Survey Comment
Posted by: Anonymous on Nov 04, 2001 09:21PM
On a "Mac OS X Apps" page, what OS do you think visitors would be running?

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Graphic Visions
Posted by: Anonymous on Nov 13, 2001 03:17PM
The problem with the latest Mac Systems and for that matter Windows is that the interface is much to complex. I appreciate the idea that it's now finally possible to do real multi-tasking, but a complex interface represents software which cuts the actual speed of the computer in half!

As well as a Mac I still use an Atari and use an alternate Atari interface on my Mac(also multi-tasking and not an emulator, but an alternate OS) to use some irreplaceable Atari software. My Mac as an Atari is over twice as fast as my Mac running Mac software, the reason being that the Mac system, overly complex, slows the machine down.

Apple is taking the path of copying windows and this is a real fallacy.

David Barkin

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help for a newbie to OS X
Posted by: Anonymous on Nov 18, 2001 12:05PM
ive been using linux qnx and beos for the past 3 years now and i think its time for a change. so ive decieded to buy an iBook with OS X on it. so now i have to learn all about the new file formats mac uses. if someone could explain the following to me, .bin binhex .hqx .sit .pkg .dmg. and how do i use them?

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hi-end or low-end?
Posted by: Anonymous on Nov 20, 2001 12:32PM
i just bought an iBook with a 600mhz g3 and 128mb of ram and a 15 gig hdd. is that hi-end or low-end?

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Aqua Elements
Posted by: Anonymous on Dec 17, 2001 08:51PM
Because of the way programs are structured, the only thing that could be shrunken is the title bar, which IS the same height as Mac OS 8/9. If another \"skin\" were created to lessen the borders of other elements, because they\'re placement is almost always fixed in the NIB file, all the elements would be at the same spot.

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even older?
Posted by: Anonymous on Dec 30, 2001 09:46PM
hey, how come you don't have a choice for those of us who are running even older system versions?

I mean, how many of you don't have an old 512 sitting around running 4.1?

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Using Castlewood's ORB drive in OS X
Posted by: Anonymous on Dec 30, 2001 11:40PM
Anyone figure out how?

I have four 2.2G disks.

One will mount in OS X - if I insert it, and then try to mount it MANUALLY (onto a random mount point). If I kill the mount (which never finishes otherwise) the system notices the disk and mounts it.

The other three disks won't even mount (and they do just fine in OS 9). They do give me a "Can't find a usable volume" error message, but only if the disk is inserted when I login to Mac OS X (or boot and autolog in).

Odd. It all works just fine in OS 9.

So, any ideas out there!?

Thanks - Yossie

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MS Windows to MAC OS X
Posted by: Anonymous on Mar 08, 2002 06:36AM
My company wants to change o/s from MS Windows 98 to MAC OS X - we have various software apps eg. Office 97, Photoshop5 Outlook Express 4. and want to convert existing files (saved projects) to the MAC file system. Does anyone know if there is a procedure or software product to achieve that? Thanxs in advance. Dave.

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