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Poll Results

Since Installing OS X, I've used the command line...

Daily 1261 (56.29)%
Once or Twice 441 (19.69)%
There's a GUI? 300 (13.39)%
There's a command line? 238 (10.62)%

2240 votes | 8 comments

Since Installing OS X, I've used the command line... | 8 comments | Create New Account
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and i like it that way
Posted by: Anonymous on Apr 11, 2001 07:59PM
i marked "daily" and i just wanted people to know i think that's a good thing (for the most part).

i wouldn't want the command line to go away ... but there are some things that i wouldn't mind being able to do via the GUI.

anyway, i keep hearing lots of complaints about the unix-y underpinnings being exposed ... but it's brilliant when you want it / need it.

my $0.02.

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a better question...
Posted by: Anonymous on Apr 12, 2001 04:18PM
i would like to see this survey run again later, but in a slightly different way.

wait until say, August or September, after the "big" apps are Carbonized and released, and after there's been some time for GUI utilities to be written that will do the things that currently can only be done via the CLI.

then, ask the question again two separate times, one for the non-UNIX people, and one for the UNIX geeks. i for one would be very interested to see how many of the non-UNIX people start using it more, and how many of the UNIX geeks start using it less.

i've been using the command line like mad, but then i'm familiar and comfortable with UNIX.

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Use it for Java
Posted by: Anonymous on Apr 16, 2001 04:17AM
There's a lot of great software out there written in Java, and it's pretty easy to run it from the command-line. With the lack of OS X apps out there right now, it's a good resource to tap into, because OS X is very solid running Java.

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Talk About An Ancient Poll
Posted by: Anonymous on Mar 13, 2002 04:14PM
Read the title.

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OSX and the Command Line
Posted by: Anonymous on Feb 25, 2005 02:46AM
This is what is so great about OSX ... you can have the power and versatility of the command line for power users, and the simplicity of an attractive GUI for those who don't want to monkey with the command line.

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