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Poll Results

I Own Stock in Apple Computer

Yes 850 (50.81)%
No 700 (41.84)%
Who's Apple? 123 (7.35)%

1673 votes | 14 comments

I Own Stock in Apple Computer | 14 comments | Create New Account
The following comments are the sole responsiblity of the person who posted them, not MacOSXApps.com.
Posted by: Anonymous on Jul 27, 2001 05:29PM
Where's the "This poll sucks" choice?

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wow, pathetic
Posted by: Anonymous on Jul 29, 2001 02:14PM
I feel sorry for those people who said "who's Apple?"

they must THE DUMBEST people on earth

[ Reply ]

Stock market ...BAH
Posted by: Claydoh on Jul 30, 2001 02:26PM
Stock market is for experts and suckers who want to give their money to the experts. I'd NEVER buy any stock. Wanna invest? Buy land, gold and guns. The only things that never lose value.

[ Reply ]

hot damn
Posted by: Anonymous on Aug 03, 2001 02:39AM
i just made the tie-making vote: 133 to 133. freaky.

[ Reply ]

Fresh eyez
Posted by: davidmorgenstern on Aug 27, 2001 07:45PM
Hmmm ... So about 50 percent of readers of the Mac OS X Apps site own stock in Apple and that is seen as some run-of-the-mill boring statistic? Come on!

Do 50 percent of any Windows user/developer group own stock in Microsoft -- other than actual MS employees? Or do 50% of new adopters of Windows XP own Microsoft?


daviD M.
"Many see, but few understand." -- Rabbinic saying.

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