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Poll Results

What should MacOSXApps implement next?

Themes 170 (47.22)%
Direct Download Links 62 (17.22)%
Something Else... 49 (13.61)%
Email Notification of App Updates 28 (7.78)%
Better Search Tools 23 (6.39)%
Better Category Structure 19 (5.28)%
Email Digests 9 (2.50)%

360 votes | 17 comments

What should MacOSXApps implement next? | 17 comments | Create New Account
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if you voted
Posted by: Perry on Feb 12, 2001 08:52AM
be sure to post here what it is. mind reading isn't my specialty... ;)


macosxapps webmaster

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OK. In case i wasn't clear...
Posted by: Perry on Feb 15, 2001 04:36PM
if you voted "Something Else..." please let

me know, by posting here, what that

Something Else is.

i'd like to know - it might be a really good



macosxapps webmaster

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Posted by: Anonymous on Feb 20, 2001 01:56AM
How about adding a field so one can see immediately what kind of License the app is distributed under?

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Screen Savers...
Posted by: Anonymous on Feb 23, 2001 06:46PM
How about including things that should be here that are not?

For example: epicware ScreenSavers Pack 2.0.

Epic is a respected name in the Mac OS X community and should have their products included in your listings.


[ Reply ]

Posted by: tapella on Mar 07, 2001 11:37AM
Why did so many people vote for themes?

Those are so useless for a web site. This

site's look is fine, no need to mess with it.

Why are themes so important to people?

[ Reply ]

  • Themes? - Posted by: Anonymous on Mar 15, 2001 02:16AM
Posted by: snuffub on Mar 08, 2001 07:28PM
how bout updating the slashcode to

bender? if its good enough for

www.slashcode.com. (and while youre at

it is anyone working on an os x port?) ok

so maybe that last thing is too much to

wish for.

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another suggestion...
Posted by: phil on Mar 21, 2001 12:07AM
I think the links should open up seperate

windows. That way macosxapps.com

could stay anchored.

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How about non-X-compatible apps?
Posted by: Anonymous on Mar 21, 2001 04:35AM
Although this database of X-compatible

apps is very useful, what I'm really looking

for is a database of all common Mac

apps and their level of X compatibility. For

example if I wanted to know when MS

Word was coming out for X, there would

be something related to their promised

October release, that it would cost money,

and possible alternatives that are already


This kind of stuff would be very useful in

planning for X; a user could enter their

commonly-used applications (or

hardware requiring drivers) and get a

sense as to when moving to X makes



[ Reply ]

Useful apps
Posted by: Anonymous on Mar 22, 2001 05:01PM
How about a separate group of categories that would organize items from the set of categories you have differently. Here's two examples:

A category of tools that replace functionality "lost" going from OS 9 to OS X.

A category for OS X front-ends for well-known Unix tools.



[ Reply ]

The ssh and scp commands
Posted by: Anonymous on Nov 02, 2001 03:35PM
Hello my name is Perbert, yesterday I install the new os X v10.0.4, and itīs of course the most advanced operative system of this world... but I canīt use the ssh and scp commands...and others who normaly can I use in the linuxppc or any linux distribution... scuse me for the question ... but, what can i do for use that commands or some similar in the new os X? Thaks for the answer

[ Reply ]

Posted by: Anonymous on Dec 07, 2001 07:58PM
one thing that i've noticed is conspicuously missing from your lists AND descriptions is the licensing. i for one would like to know before i get 3 or 4 pages deep whether the ap i'm downloading is freeware, beta, shareware or whatever. i think that would be a nice addition to your site.

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