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Poll Results

My Macworld Prediction...

flat panel iMacs 504 (58.40)%
a PDA 116 (13.44)%
all of the above 95 (11.01)%
what's macworld? 49 (5.68)%
none of the above 37 (4.29)%
wireless keyboards/mice 25 (2.90)%
gigawire 24 (2.78)%
mpeg encoding hardware 13 (1.51)%

863 votes | 6 comments

My Macworld Prediction... | 6 comments | Create New Account
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Posted by: Anonymous on Jan 03, 2002 12:33PM
an intriguing set of images and videos have been posted on SpyMac. look fast, Apple Legal ought to be out with the machete pretty soon...

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  • MacWorld - Posted by: Anonymous on Jan 06, 2002 10:48PM
None of the above Please
Posted by: Anonymous on Jan 04, 2002 09:30PM
None of the above deseves all the hype if they are it what a let down. But how about a 1.8Ghz G5 with an Apple/AMD HyperTransport Bus say at 10Gbs a bus which can feed a processor at its speed not wait states then Mhz would count and even then a 450Mhz Cube with HyperTransport would blow away any Penteum PC even emulating in VPC. That would be a big deal.

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new poll?
Posted by: Anonymous on Feb 06, 2002 06:20PM
this poll is getting a bit stale. maybe there should be a "who will win the superbowl" poll... 8^)

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