Mar 18, 2005 11:00AM
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Sticky-like image/webcam viewer, slideshows, wallpapers etc.

NEW Dragging a saved state (*.plist files) to the Dock or Finder icon of PhotoStickies or selecting the .plist file via File > Open... in PhotoStickies opens the state. This can be also used via AppleScript, e.g. »tell application "PhotoStickies" to open "/path/state.plist"«).
NEW It's possible to open .webloc, .inetloc, .ftploc and .url files by dragging them to PhotoStickies' Dock or Finder icon or by opening them via File > Open...

Improved PhotoStickies uses its cache to initialize webcam stickies (e.g. on startup or after choosing a saved favorite/state).
Improved Reduced network traffic when initializing webcams.
Improved Scanning of HTML pages for webcam images.
Improved Invisible windows (zero opacity) need less memory.

Fixed After choosing a state or favorite, the webcam mode was always »Waiting« and the saved window level was ignored if it was the normal level.
Fixed Wrong numbers in Processes panel.
Fixed More reliable »Check for updates«.


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