Mar 18, 2005 10:57AM
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Intelligent agent to find information on the Internet

NEW Download manager prompts the user on quit if there are still some active downloads in the queue.
NEW If the queue of the download manager contains downloads after launching the application, the download manager is automatically opened and the queue started.

Improved DEVONagent (re-)uses unused search windows to execute scheduled sets and unused browser windows to open links, bookmarks or history items instead of opening unnecessary search or browser windows.
Improved Updated Usenet Groups plug-in.
Improved Updated Macintosh News and Marketing search sets.
Improved Reliability of Webcams scanner.
Improved Advertisement filter.
Improved More compact persistent queue of download manager and more compact file format for search sets.
Improved German localization of tooltips added.

Fixed Groups in the archive don’t expand automatically from time to time.
Fixed Bug of pages cache that could slow down searching.
Fixed Crash after entering only a quick search keyword (but no search term) in the URL field of browser windows.
Fixed »text« script property of browser windows did not return a valid value.
Fixed Typing chinese/japanese characters (e.g. by using Kotoeri) in the registration panel via did not work.
Fixed Minor interface glitches.


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