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Sync Buddy 2.0.1
Mar 17, 2005 08:13AM
Contributed by: fpillet
Download: 4.3Mb Disk Image

Sync Buddy is a backup, install and photo management tool for Mac OS X users with Palm OS handhelds. Providing worry-free backups, installs and pictures management, Sync Buddy lets you reclaim control of your handheld. It complements the standard synchronization by giving you direct access to your handheld's contents.

Perfectly compatible with HotSync Manager and The Missing Sync, Sync Buddy brings a new dimension to the way you manage your handheld!

Features highlight:

Flat and hierarchical file listings:
Sync Buddy displays your handheld's files in either a flat form (all files together) or a hierarchical directory that encloses each application and its data file(s) in a separate folder. Backup files can be stored on your computer using the same arrangement, so it's always easy to find what you need. You can also display and backup files in a flat manner, according to your taste and needs.

Worry-free backups:
Use the Full Backup command to back up all of your Palm handheld's contents, including third-party files and databases for the built-in applications, or use the Incremental Backup command to back up only what's changed.

Instant transfers:
Just drop Palm databases and applications in the handheld window to install them without running HotSync. To install files at specific locations on removable media, just drop them at the right location like you would in the Finder. Drag files to your computer to directly retrieve them from your handheld.

Easy pictures management:
Display the pictures your handheld contains with a simple click. Use drag-and-drop to copy pictures to iPhoto, to your computer or to any other application. Install pictures in a snap, and delete the pictures you don't need anymore.

USB, Bluetooth, WiFi/Network support:
Sync Buddy can connect with handhelds over USB and Bluetooth, but also accepts connection coming from the network. This allows you to use WiFi to connect your handheld to Sync Buddy, but also to connect handhelds remotely through the network by using Network HotSync.

Removable media support:
Drag-and-drop files to and from expansion cards (SD/MMC cards, Memory Sticks, etc). The install and backup experience on expansion cards is better than ever with Sync Buddy!

Changes in version 2.0.1:
- Fixed connection issues with Tungsten C and some other handhelds
- Fixed a sporadic crash happening when installing or backing up pictures
- Fixed an application lockup in Preferences dialog
- Fixed issue with finding and displaying pictures on removable media
- Fixed a crash that occurred during drag-and-drop of multiple photos on the photos list
- Pictures count was sometimes incorrect
- Files count on removable media now honors the “Show invisible files� setting
- Continue backing up folder contents on removable media when one file failed
- Fixed a lockup that could happen when quitting the application while still connected
- Fixed an issue with Backup operations not working properly after a first backup was done in the same session, and folder names starting with a space being improperly handled
- Fixed a crash on OS X 10.2 when dragging files to removable media

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