The Fontz

Mar 13, 2005 12:01AM
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The Fontz is a versatile font utility that allows you to browse installed and uninstalled fonts, see what they look like at different type sizes, styles and colors, and even group them in like categories using a "wysiwyg" group editor. For fast and easy browsing run either a manual or an automatic font slide show where you can change size, color, style, and even the display text while the slide show is still in progress. You can view or print out any of your font groups, all installed fonts, and even folders of uninstalled fonts. The Fontz offers a combination of focused feature set and low price. A great deal for anyone who wants to find fonts quickly or organize their fonts easily.

- HUGE speed increase in loading fonts into the Fontz Viewer window.
- much improved recognition of uninstalled fonts
- toggle to switch between sample text and font names in Viewer font list
- find font by name added to font Viewer window
- live resizing of Viewer font list
- many features completely re-written to optimize performance
- text alignment added to Font Display window
- reorder fonts in groups with drag and drop (group within a group)
- view grouped fonts in Fontz Finder with live resizing
- add fonts to groups by dragging names from the Fontz Browser list


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