Mar 10, 2005 11:03PM
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A emulator capable of emulating x86, ARM, PPC (PowerPC), and Sparc architectures of CPU. There's also a graphic frontend or GUI called QemuX available that allows users to control Qemu from Mac OS X although at the moment it is incompatible with this version of Qemu due to the fact the QemuX uses .6.2 CVS version (development version)of Qemu. There's another GUI for Mac OS X called Qeasy available at SF.net which I haven't tried yet. Users can also download Qemu alternatively at SF.net or freeoszoo.org. Freeoszoo.org also has for download pre-ready to load images of OSes to load into Qemu (hard drive images for Qemu to load). I do not recommend downloading Qemu from freeoszoo.org since they don't always have the latest version available. To run Windows NT (maybe Win95 too)or later a G5 is needed, though DOS apps and maybe Linux run fine on G4s. ReactOS also requires a G5 to run fast enough.

Mac OS X port (Pierre d'Herbemont)
Virtual console support
Better monitor line edition
New block device layer
New 'qcow' growable disk image support with AES encryption and transparent decompression
VMware 3 and 4 read-only disk image support (untested)
Support for up to 4 serial ports
TFTP server support (Magnus Damm)
Port redirection support in user mode networking
Support for not executable data sections
Compressed loop disk image support (Johannes Schindelin)
Level triggered IRQ fix (aka NE2000 PCI performance fix) (Steve Wormley)
Fixed Fedora Core 2 problems (now you can run qemu without any LD_ASSUME_KERNEL tricks on FC2)
Submitter's note: FC2 is shorthand for Fedcora Core 2/Two which is the free version of Linux made available by RedHat
DHCP fix for Windows (accept DHCPREQUEST alone)
SPARC system emulation (Blue Swirl)
Automatic Samba configuration for host file access from Windows.
'-loadvm' and '-full-screen' options
ne2000 savevm support (Johannes Schindelin)
Ctrl-Alt is now the default grab key. Ctrl-Alt-[0-9] switches to the virtual consoles.
BIOS floppy fix for NT4 (Mike Nordell, Derek Fawcus, Volker Ruppert)
Floppy fixes for NT4 and NT5 (Mike Nordell)
NT4 IDE fixes (Ben Pfaf, Mike Nordell)
SDL Audio support and SB16 fixes (malc)
ENTER instruction bug fix (initial patch by Stefan Kisdaroczi)
VGA font change fix
VGA read-only CRTC register fix


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