Math Stars

Mar 08, 2005 08:16PM
Contributed by: classone

Math Stars 5.5 includes 5 math games for practicing addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts plus factors and multiples. This version also includes a practice module which tracks each student's mastery of math facts. Students who answer all questions correctly within the allotted time earn a gold star. After earning 10 gold stars, a student's name is placed in the Hall of Fame. Various time limits and adjustable difficulty settings make the program adaptable for all ages.
The program includes sounds and colorful graphics. Help is available within the program. Shareware $12. Site License $85. Registration documents included.

> Practice Module - Practice all facts in an untimed environment
a) Track individual student's progress
b) Displays information to the student at each return
> Performance improved when run on a network
> User can determine which of 4 functions will be randomly selected.
> Change number of total problems from the game screens.
> Optional password can be set to restrict access to certain areas
> Default class can now be edited from the Class Screen
> Added Undo function to Math Squares module
> User can set the font size in the Factors and Multiples Clues Window
> Rounds with large total problems won't produce same problem consecutively
> A Manual is now available in .pdf format
> Customized sounds now display when opening the 'Customize' Window
> Minor appearance improvements


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