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Parsnips 1.3
Feb 17, 2005 06:25PM
Contributed by: btschumy
Download: 800 KB Disk Image

Parsnips allows easy storage and retrieval of text gleaned from web sites, e-mail, chat sessions, usenet news articles, or even files you've received. It was designed to provide a place to keep the useful bits of information you come across each day while using your computer.

Parsnips uses a simple drag and drop interface to create new text items. Select the text you want to save, drag it into Parsnips, and a new item is automatically created for you. You can give the item a title, an associated URL, or assign keywords to it. In addition, by dragging a web site address into Parsnips, the web page will automatically be downloaded and the text will be extracted, saved and indexed.

Later, using Parsnips' powerful search engine, you can quickly search your personally relevant information to:
- Find all items containing specific words or boolean combinations of words in either the title or the main body of text.
- Find items containing one or more keywords you have attached to them.
- Find all items created in the past day, week, month, year, or any arbitrary range of dates.

Parsnips can also serve as a free-form text data base for notes or other data. Simply create an initially blank item and type or paste into it whatever text you wish store for later retrieval.

Parsnips can keep track of more than just text. Drag and drop any sort of file into Parsnips and it will create an item for the file, recording its location on your computer. You can add keywords for the item or comments about it. You can easily locate and open the file later by searching in the keywords or comments.

What's New:

- You can now Ctrl-click (Cmd-click on Mac) a URL in the Display pane to open it in a browser.
- Keyword management: Added buttons next to fields where you enter keywords. The button pops up a window showing all keywords currently being used. Clicking a keyword in the list inserts it into the textfield at the insertion point.
- Parsnips now keeps track of when the item was first created as well as when it was last modified. You can now sort the search result by time modified, time created, or the search relevance. This change required a small modification to the database format. Now when you first run Parsnips 1.3 on an old database, it puts up a dialog showing the database format is being updated. This change will not prevent older version of Parsnips from accessing the database.
- New icons in the toolbar
- Cleaned up the user interface of the main window. Narrower borders and fewer lines.
- Fixed a bug where after optimizing the database, you would sometimes get a duplicate entry the next time you saved an edited item.
- Fixed bug where the combo boxes in the Results pane weren't sized properly on Win XP with Java 1.5.
- A better message is now displayed when there are no items in the database.
- Fixed error in documentation. The use of wildcard characters in the search string was not documented.
- Fixed bug on Windows XP where garbage was displayed in the upper right of the main window when the About Parsnips... command was chosen.
- Fixed bug where double-clicking a word in the Display pane under Windows XP and Java 1.5 would not correctly select the word.

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