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Renew 1.0.3
Oct 05, 2004 02:26AM
Contributed by:
Download: 735k Disk Image

Renew allows you to keep all of your non-Apple software updated! Updates are conveniently displayed in a TableView showing your version and the most current version. Clicking on an update shows you additional information such as release date, author, download location, and "What's New".

Renew also gives you the option of downloading and/or installing most software updates! So give Renew a try, you can get an evaluation serial on my website!

Overall there are a few big features and a lot of fixes/tweaks in this release. Please let me know if you run into any issues. From this point on I'm planning on addressing bugs
as I solve them and putting up small point releases, rather than waiting until new features are done and including them in one big release.


-Renew will now locate new applications when the PreferencePane is opened.
-CURLhandle is now loaded dynamically by the PreferencePane, so the Apple installer is no longer required.
Mac OS X 10.3 users who opt to install manually will only need to double click the Renew.prefPane icon.
Mac OS X 10.2 users who are installing manually will need to drag Renew.prefPane to either:[br]
~/Library/PreferencePanes/ (If you only want Renew installed for your user) or,[br]
/Library/PreferencesPanes/ (If you'd like everyone with access to the machine to have access to Renew.)

Update Application

-Certain URL's weren't loading correctly. Like all of Panic's URL's. This has been fixed and all URL's which link to a file should be loaded correctly.
-Versioning. I got several emails from users telling me that the QuickCheck and regular check's were returning different results. There were bugs in both, and now you get a complete
list from both the quickcheck and update application.
-I really went to town on the installer code. I've tracked down and fixed all of the errors that I could find, please let me know if Renew crashes while installing by
sending a crash log. Several people seemed to be having trouble when they installed Acquisition or other software whose .dmg file had a license. I believe this bug
has been fixed.
-I'm planning on using WebKit/Safari for the "What's New" textbox, I'd like to get some nice CSS going in there so that I can display more information in a better way.

MenuExtra and Background Tool

-Started using MenuExtraEnabler by Unsanity (Doesn't Use APE).
MenuExtraEnabler is more stable and doesn't conflict with Apple's CHUD tools menu extra. It's also compatible with Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger! All good things.

Database and Server

I've added lots of apps to the database over the past few weeks(approximately 1000 apps). _All_ of the additions were taken from the list of applications which users
have requested, so you may want to open up the prefPane and run 'Find Applications'.

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