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Mail Factory 1.3
Sep 17, 2004 09:24AM
Contributed by: belight
Download: 12.8 Disk Image

Mail Factory is a Mac OS X software to design and print envelopes, shipping and address labels. Data for addresses can be taken from Apple Address Book, MS Entourage, Now Contact, Eudora, MS Excel, vCards and text files. The application is integrated with iPhoto. You can print to most popular label layouts, or use the application with your DYMO printer. The package conforms to postal guidelines and includes special mailing features, like automatic address formatting. With Mail Factory addressing your correspondence becomes easy.

New Features:
-Added support for tab-delimited text files. Many popular applications, such as FileMaker, Excel, most contact managers, can export data to a tab-delimited file, which can now be read by Mail Factory.
-Direct data import from MS Excel files added.
-Mail Factory can now import data from vCards (including those with multiple records). vCard is a popular format for exchanging contact information, supported by most contact managers, many hand-held devices and mobile phones.
-Addresses imported from different sources are now cached inside a database during the first import. This helps to speed up subsequent working with the addresses. The database can be updated with the Update operation.
-The Suffix field from Apple Address Book is now supported.
-Added integration with iPhoto. Now it's possible to preview and use pictures from the iPhoto libraries in the same manner as it was possible to use built-in clipart.
-Included new label formats from MACO, Rank Xerox, Pimaco. The Avery label range extended to include video cassette labels, tape, diskette and file folder labels.
-Support for AppleScript allows third-party applications to print on labels and envelopes, using Mail Factory designs.

-For UK addresses it's now possible to print Royal Mail postal barcode.
-FIM-A Code (Facing Identification Mark) can now be printed on envelopes with US addreses. This code is used together with the barcode and serves for automated sorting purposes.
-In the Preferences dialog now it's possible to specify whether to place comma after the City field in the address.
-Text fields can now be rotated.
-Previously, the angle could be changed with the slide bar only. Now it's possible to enter an exact value.
-The search box in the Layouts dialog now works as filter.

Bug Fixes:
-Corrected the problem with printing envelopes on printers with a separate tray for envelopes. Now supported envelope sizes are recognized automatically.
-When printing multiple addresses from Entourage or Now Contact, and the preferred address (e.g "work") is missing, the program will now print the "home" address instead of nothing, as previously.
-Vertical labels are oriented horizontally in the Edit window for more convenient editing.
-Fixed reported bugs related to printing on DYMO printers.

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