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XML Editor 4.2
Jul 27, 2004 03:42AM
Contributed by: syncroxygen
Download: 14MB .gz Archive

Version 4.2 of <oXygen/> XML Editor adds as main feature support for presenting schema related information while editing or browsing an XML document.

* Schema Model View
* Content completion shows schema documentation
* Annotated XML schemas
* Contrast control
* User control over the transformation in progress
* Improved search support
* Breakpoint operations enhancements
* Allow to define XSLT extensions locations
* Ready to use JSP 1.2 XML editing support


* Schema Model View
The Model View provides schema related information for the document elements and attributes. The content model, the element type, the attributes, the attribute type and constraints are presented in a compact manner giving the user an insight in the document schema while editing or browsing the document. XML schema annotations are extracted and presented for both element and attributes thus offering an instant help to the document author.

* Content completion shows schema documentation
The XML Schema documentation is presented by the new content completion support. The content completion offers now additional information for the element and attribute proposals. It will lookup the schema annotation and will make the documentation available to the author in a simple and elegant manner.

* Annotated XML schemas
To take advantage of the schema documentation support oXygen bundles annotated schemas for XSLT stylesheets and XML schemas.

* Contrast control
The contrast control options allow to change the transparency levels for markup or text. With a smart popup button located on the toolbar the user can easily change the focus of attention from markup to text and viceversa. The transparent markup option combined with locking the tags can be used for instance for safe and easy text only editing.

* User control over the transformation in progress
After starting a transformation a new action becomes enabled allowing the user to stop that transformation. Thus the user is in control and can decide to stop a time consuming transformation at any time.

* Improved search support
Support for finding all occurrences in a file was made available via the contextual menu and through a configurable shortcut. If no text is selected then the word at cursor will be automatically detected and searched for.

* Breakpoint operations enhancements
Added support to easily add, toggle or remove breakpoints in the Breakpoints Panel.

* Allow to define XSLT extensions locations
The XSLT processor's extensions paths can be specified using a system property. Please consult the user guide for details.

* Ready to use JSP 1.2 XML editing support
A new document template was added to allow easy creation of JSP 1.2 documents and the samples have now a JSP entry.

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