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NewsCarrier 0.0.30
Jul 23, 2004 05:47PM
Contributed by:
Download: 800Kb Stuffit Archive

NewsCarrier is a new kind of newsgroup client designed around the new Apple operationg system: MacOS X. This program is written using the native Cocoa APIs using the Objective-C Language. The goal of this project is to produce a full-featured, full-macosx integrated stable and fast newsgroups client ever made for Macintosh (it's integrated with Google, Safari, MacSoup, Address Book)

This is one of the early alphas of this project. It may contains some bugs and a lot of features are not currently available to the end user. In a word... incomplete! Please do not fill the comments form below with your bug reports. Use the dedicated mail box and forum.


- [NEW] Complete search engine. NewsCarrier internal search engine allows the user to configure a lot of aspect of message search process (filtered search, specific group search, equals to/starts with/contains, perl-regular expression support).
- [FIX] Some memory leaks was fixed
- [NEW] You can collapse the preview message pane by clicking the 'x' icon at the bottom-right side of the main window
- [NEW] A new graphical thread preview (as like the Finder Column View)
- [NEW] If the opened thread contains only one article the graphical thread preview view will be automatically hide.
- [CHG] Inside the article thread preview window. The total file size is now automatically converted in readable size (1Kb,200 bytes, 1MB etc).
- [FIX] Fixed a bug with reply command (some empty lines at the top each replied message)
- [NEW] This version include a bug reporting tool (click Bug Report inside the main toolbar)
- [NEW] You can set a custom reply signature (valid variables are <!NAME>,<!AUTHOR>,<!DATE>,<!MSGID>)
- [NEW] The messages list now contains a new column that notify the users for new replies (with a star), deleted messages ()
- [FIX] If you erase a group database using the Group Manager window and after it you try to open the accounts table the application crashes. Now this bug is fixed.
- [FIX] Fix a serious memory leak in Subscribed List Class (now partially rewritten)
- [FIX] Fixed a networking bug inside the nntp socket class
- [FIX] If you try to add an unknown groups NewsCarrier crash. Now this bug was fixed and an alert panel will be showed to the user.
- [CHG] Minor changes to activity log report
- [NEW] You can mark a message as "Removed"
- [NEW] A new newsgroups list window, easy to use.
- [NEW] Some minor gui changes.
- [NEW] Now you can search inside the newsgroups.
- [FIX] Fixed a bug with control-click (instead of right button mouse click) on Accounts table.
- [NEW] You can add a poster to your Address Book automatically.
- [NEW] Now you can manage correctly your labels (articles categories).
- [NEW] A new Compose window.
- [NEW] The [To] field inside the compose window can auto-complete your words (thanks to kenferry).
- [NEW] Now NewsCarrier alerts you if you try to close an opened article window not previously saved.
- [FIX] Now the drawer selection table updates its content correctly.
- [FIX] Fixed a bug with stored article rendering process.
- [NEW] Compose command is now available inside the Article Storage Table contextual menu.
- [NEW] Added "Reply-By-Mail" item inside the messages list contextual menu.
- [NEW] Added "Export Article" item inside the messages list contextual menu.
- [NEW] Added "Export Thread" item inside the messages list contextual menu.
- [CHG] Now the Export Article Save Panel is implemented as a sheet.
- [NEW] Now "Wrap Text" button in Compose Window works correctly.
- [FIX] Fixed a problem with wrap text method.
- [FIX] Now "Export" button in Thread Preview Window works correctly.
- [FIX] Now the quotation phrase is applied automatically to a replied article text.
- [NEW] We have the About Box! Yeah!
- [CHG] Revisited Setup Assistant.
- [NEW] Setup Assistant contains a categorized group list to choose easily your favourite newsgroups.
- [FIX] Fixed a crash occurred when the user try to send a message to a bad destination (the program will notify the
error and continue to perform the remaining tasks).
- [NEW] A new format to save user's articles (it's not compatible with the older format).
- [NEW] Clickable URLs (http://, ftp:// and telnet://)
- [NEW] NewsCarrier can recognize email address. You can add selected address to address book, open your
default email client and copy it to the clipboard.
- [NEW] NewsCarrier can recognize internet address. You can add an url to Safari simply by clicking it and choosing
"Add to Safari" contextual menu items.
- [NEW] You can load a message id directly from NewsCarrier using the Google Compatibility Engine.
- [CHG] The quoting render engine was re-implemented and now works correctly.
- [FIX] Now the image position will be aligned correctly when the window will be resized correctly.
- [NEW] You can select part of an address or message and NewsCarrier shows to you the relative contextual menu.
- [NEW] A new Article View Engine.
- [NEW] A new Address Book Compatibility Engine. Now you can add a people to your system AB and customize each
information field. Also you can add the X-Face picture of the author to it's AB card directly from NewsCarrier.
- [FIX] Fixed a bug with reply message notification.
- [NEW] NewsCarrier contains an automatic registration form for News.Individual.Net NNTP Server. It's basically an
email forwarder ;-)
- [FIX] Fixed a bug with "New Server" and "New Group" panels.
- [FIX] Fixed a bug with MacSoup Faces Importer (now the imported db is loaded automatically).
- [CHG] Now the MacSoup Faces Importer live outside of the main run loop, so the progress indicator will be updated correctly.
- [CHG] Now the Mac Soup Faces Importer contains a status import indicator (x Pictures of <total>) near the progress indicator.
- [NEW] The Thread Preview contains a new button named "Root Article". By clicking on it, NewsCarrier will load the
root article. If you haven't the root article in your offline database NewsCarrier will ask to you if you want to
download it using Google Integration Engine.
- [FIX] Now NewsCarrier can recognize correctly the articles associated references.

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