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SpamStrainer 1.0b2
Jul 22, 2004 09:31AM
Contributed by:
Download: 906kb Stuffit Archive

SpamStrainer is a filter, that recognizes your emails, you did not ask for and marks them as spam, so that your regular email client can make apply a filter rule on this email. Most of the filtering software for spam mails is based on predefined rules and have to be updated in repeated cycles whan the layout of spam mails changes.

SpamStrainer takes another way. The software can't detect your spam mails when it is delivered to you, because everyone recieves other types of spam mails but SpamBouncer can learn it.That means, that the longer it runs the better it will become. SpamStrainer is installed in between the connection of your email client and your email server and logs all incoming emails. After that you need to train the program and let it know what emails is spam and what not. Through that learning process SpamStrainer can later analyse your incoming emails and can tell you what it thinks is spam.

That means of course that the first analysing results are not that reliable. You should not install any filtering rule that automaticly deletes spam mails in email program at the beginning of the learning process, because it can happen that emails are recognizes mistakenly as spam (the so called false positives). This unwanted effect will vanished in the ungoing learning process. As soon as you think that the recognition of spam mails works reliably, you can install any filter rule in your email client.

SpamStrainer works with every POP3 email client on every platform. You can also install SpamStrainer on a MacOS X-Server and apply your entire local area network to one email filter.

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