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RPG Patsy DD35E 3.0
Jan 19, 2004 11:34AM
Contributed by: rpgpatsy
Download: 2.2 MB Stuffit Archive

RPG Patsy DD35E is a direct replacement for your pencil and paper D&D (3.5 rules) character sheet.

Dice rollers:
-Specific use rollers for skill checks, damage rolls, saving throws, initiative checks, caster level checks, and attribute checks.
-General purpose dice rollers for other simple die rolls
-Highly flexible custom dice rollers which allow you to save, modify, and re-use very complex dice rolls

Automatic calculation of:
-Armor Class
-Attribute Bonuses. All bonuses are automatically applied to appropriate skill checks, damage rolls, spells per day, spell DC, and anywhere else they are important
-Saving Throws
-Total inventory/equipment weight
-Your character’s load capacity

-An insanely useful attack calculator
-A jump calculator
-Temporary modifiers which apply themselves and remove themselves from everything they affect with the click of a checkbox.
-A database of Skills, Feats, Items, and Spells (with complete descriptions) which you can quickly and easily add to your character
-A tool for creating skills, spells, feats, and items databases
-A powerful inventory system which allows you to easily manage what your character is carrying, where he/she is carrying it (backpack, pouch, etc), and the total weight
-Spellcaster tools for keeping track of spells you can cast per day (including School and Domain spells), how many you have already cast in a day, spell DC, and caster level checks
-Printing support
-Support for multiple open characters

RPG Patsy DD35E was created to be useful to users of the D&D 3.5 rules. Users of the 3.0 D&D rules should continue to use RPG Patsy 2.5.

Beyond some minor bug fixes the following changes have been made for this version:
-There are now buttons for rolling attribute checks. You can just click on the Str button, for example, to roll a strength check.
-The spell tab has changed quite a bit. Rather than having text fields for each spell attribute I have combined them all into a large text area. This makes maintenance and data entry much easier.
-Some of the text fields in the weapons tab have been resized to make them more useful.
-Psionic feats have been added to the feats database
-Epic feats have been added to the feats database
-The Modifiers tool now has two additional classification options: Size and Epic
-The Power Attack option in the attack calculator has more options.

The following changes were all related to the 3.5 rules:
-Subdual damage label changed to non-lethal
-Armor check penalty affects pick pocket (changed to slight of hand)
-Armor check penalty effect on swim changed.
-The Jump calculator was totally redesigned.
-The Greater 2 Weapon Fighting feat was added to attack calculator
-Monk attacks were retooled in the attack calculator
-The Spells, Skills, and Feats databases were updated

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