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Computation Tools 4.0
Nov 27, 2003 07:02PM
Contributed by: gkhanna
Download: N/A Other File Format

Collection of tools for Numerical Scientific Computation. For example: GCC, Fortran g77 and g95, Adaptor High Performance Fortran HPF, Message Passing Interface MPI, Shared Memory Multiprocessing OpenMP, Octave (with MPI, AltiVec), Cactus (Scientific Computing Toolkit), Globus (Grid Computing), RNPL (Rapid Numerical Prototyping Language), GIMPS (Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search), Computation Libraries (BLAS, LAPACK and ODEPACK), GRAVSIM, FEYNMAN, etc. Documentation, source and OS X binaries available.

I also have detailed information (with a sample code) on how one can harness the full power of a G4, using its vector processing capabilities (AltiVec) and multiprocessing.

Updated for Panther, Mac OS X 10.3.

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