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DEVONthink Personal Edition 1.7.2
Oct 12, 2003 03:49AM
Contributed by: DEVONtechnologie
Download: 2.2 MB .gz Archive

DEVONthink is the Mac incarnation of the real paperless office. It's a notepad, outliner, scrapbook manager, information manager, freeform database, archive, image database and bookmark manager - your personal »supplementary brain«. Based on our revolutionary DEVONtechnology, DEVONthink is an information manager capable of intelligently storing and organising all types of data, text files, PDFs and images. Put in whatever you want, organise it and let DEVONthink search for it.

Key features:
- Stores whatever you like, from texts, images, PDF documents and HTML to URLs
- Helps organising your stuff with a built-in, simple outliner
- Easy-to-use Finder-like user interface
- Super-fast navigation and display of contents
- Helps you to sort in new stuff (auto-classify, see-also, keywords)
- Advanced text editing including highlighting and realtime word and character count
- Lightning-fast, intelligent search function
- Built to seamlessly integrate with Mac OS X

What's unique:
- Works with much more file formats than all alternatives
- Imports and exports huge amounts of data extremely fast
- Works flawlessly with huge databases (>100 MB)
- Does not need indexing and still searches the database faster than all other freeform databases or scrapbook managers (which are in both, handling and performance, built for small databases)
- Stays highly performant even with big databases, i.e. double the size of the database does not mean half the performance
- Is built around industry standards and uses all major features of the operating system

NEW "Import selected mail" script (thanks to Stephen D. Poole)
NEW "Toggle Outline" command to contextual menus of browser windows added
NEW Button to launch a file associated with a path to info panel added
NEW Option "Ignore Umlauts" (see menu "View > Sort" or contextual menus) to select if sorting by name should ignore Umlauts and accented characters
NEW "New With Clipboard" command of Dock menu provides the possibility to select a destination group
Improved Dock icon bounces once if "Take Plain/Rich Note" and "Summarize" services or DEVONagent's "Add To DEVONthink" commands were successful (otherwise DEVONthink beeps) but only if no window is visible
Improved Highlighting of search words is now anchored to words if OR/AND mode is active
Improved Optional "Open Externally" and "Launch" toolbar items for content windows
Improved Shortcut to "Launch" command added and new "Import" shortcut
Improved "Show Colors" menu item moved to "Format" menu
Improved Option "View > Editable" is activated by default
Improved Operations in one browser usually don't modify the selection of other browser windows anymore
Improved Subject of support/feedback emails contains version number
Improved pdftotext updated to version 2.02pl1
Improved DEVONthink imports ".bib", ".cls", ".ml", ".mi" and ".mly" files as plain text
Improved HTML to plain text conversion recognizes additional tags
Improved Parsing of JavaScript attributes (e.g. onMouseOver) containing tags
Improved Support for wrong HTML encoding definitions
Improved No more delay before importing the first PDF if TextLightning is activated but not installed
Improved Progress indicator is immediately displayed during PDF import if TextLightning is activated and installed (as it was impossible to cancel a hanging import due to a frozen TextLightning otherwise)
Improved Initial verification of database file structures
Improved A few minor performance optimizations
Fixed Toolbar search of browser windows did not support wildcards
Fixed Preferences window isn't hidden anymore if DEVONthink is inactive
Fixed "Copy files to database" option did not work if the DEVONthink folder was an alias
Fixed "Move To" and search destination menus contained too many separator items
Fixed Rare crash of text layout manager and HTML to plain text conversion
Fixed Bug of DEVONappkit framework related to drag 'n drop in column views
Fixed Changing the sorting didn't retain the current selection
Fixed Some localization and user interface glitches
Fixed HTML parser didn't recognize the ' entity
Fixed RTF parser didn't support multiple encodings within one document and therefore characters under rare circumstances were lost
Fixed Minor kernel bugs

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