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Path Finder 3.0
Oct 02, 2003 02:14AM
Contributed by:
Download: 3.6mbs .tgz Archive

Path Finder is a comprehensive file browser for Mac OS X, which combines the best of Apple's Finder (viewing, moving, and manipulating your files) with some powerful, integrated utilities. Some of the many features of Path Finder include:

* Compress / Decompress files
* Built-in disk image mounter and creator
* Secure file delete for better security
* Path Navigator with gives speedy access to folders above the one you are in
* Launch applications as root user
* Preview drawer (view images, multimedia, file info, etc.)
* Open any file with any application on your hard drive
* Assign quick keys to any menu action
* Delete as root user
* View invisible files
* "Smart" file list sorting
* View files as hex
* Basic image editor / convertor
* Built-in text editor
* File search

... and tons more. Download a free, feature-complete 21-day demo and try it out for yourself!

Path Finder 3 is a major update, with dozens of improvements, bug fixes, and other optimizations and changes. Frankly, there are so many changes to this version, it's hard to keep track. Here's a nowhere-near complete list

* Added a PDF Viewer
* Added a Terminal window, drawer, and pertinent preferences
* Added the ability to open a terminal window at the current location
* Drop Stack: pause drag-and-drop operations
* Shelf: access frequently accessed items from anywhere in Path Finder
* Added shelf item contextual menu

* Moveable Desktop icons
* Process / volumes drawer
* Added Action Menu to toolbar
* Added Documents and Favorites menus to toolbar
* Added Processes as a new report you can generate
* Added the ability to option-click to open item in new window
* Added a contextual menu item for the Path Navigator
* Added the ability to command+click or option+click on items to open them in a new windows
* Overall speed improvements

* Added the ability to automatically set permissions for new files
* Added the ability to create new HTML pages from the file menu
* Added a bunch of crazy themes
* Added icon previews and the ability to create them for files that do not have one
* Added buttons to open and close preview and process drawers
* Gave the gift of speed to the preferences window
* Added a preference to loop around when arrowing through file listings
* Added a "Reveal in Path Finder" global hot key
* Added a default extension for text files preference

* Lots of interface tweaks, changes, and improvements
* Bug fixes! Bug fixes! Bug fixes!

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