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DEVONthink Personal Edition 1.7
Aug 12, 2003 07:12PM
Contributed by: DEVONtechnologie
Download: 2.4 MB .tgz Archive

DEVONthink is a knowledge management solution and freeform database for everyone who needs to store and edit a lot of text or image contents, for example journalists, editors, writers, developers, scientists, students and many others. Possible uses are storing and retrieving information, writing articles, books, journals or diaries, taking notes, outlining thoughts, collecting bookmarks, replacing notepad applications and freeform databases or managing assets like images and scrapbooks (theoretically unlimited size of knowledge base, ideal for scientists or developers).

DEVONthink handles many kinds of data like plain and rich texts, PDF documents, images, source codes, bookmarks, structured data (XML), websites (HTML), links or complete documentations and references. DEVONthink (semi-) automatically classifies elements, lists similar contents and words immediately using fuzzy algorithms, finds and compares texts and even images, summarises texts intelligently and provides high performance concordance and search tools. As a Cocoa application it's perfectly integrated into Mac OS X including it's own services for storing and summarising text clippings, has advanced text editing facilities including highlighting or real time word count and provides a Finder-like interface with contextual menus, different views and drag & drop.

Finally DEVONthink is the first product based on our powerful and language independent DEVONtechnology which is suitable for a wide range of applications. Due to the nature of this technology, please note that results (e.g. of searching, classifying or comparing) get better the more contents you have stored in your knowledge base and the better you group your contents. You are "teaching" DEVONthink about what belongs together and what not.

NEW In addition to URLs thereís now a path and an internal alias attribute available for each item. Therefore itís possible to use the URL for any purpose and moving or renaming of referenced files does not break the reference anymore
NEW Option "Outline" in info panel to display a checkbox in list, note pad and outline views in front of each item instead of an icon (e.g. turn outlining on for individual groups to have outline and data groups at the same time).
NEW Menu items "View as Split" and "Split Horizontal/Vertical" renamed and combined to "View as Note Pad/as Outliner" (Cmd-Opt-4/5) and added to contextual menus. Note: Things like OPML support, manual sorting and due dates will come in a future release.
NEW "New Outline" command creates groups with outlining turned on
NEW "Sort By State" option to sort items by outline state.
NEW Commands "Expand/Collapse All" added to expand/collapse all selected items of list, note pad and outline views completely
NEW Search panel provides a popup menu to limit the search to a specific group
NEW Syntax coloring of HTML/XML contents
NEW "Highlighting" command to set/clear the background color of selected rich text
NEW Commands "Convert to Plain/Rich Text" to convert PDF or HTML contents to plain or rich text.
NEW "Zoom In/Out" commands to zoom the display of image, text, HTML or PDF contents in and out.
NEW Itís possible to switch PDF pages using the shortcuts Cmd-Up/Down/Left/Right Arrow
NEW Shortcut Option-Tab to toggle between panes of notepad and outline views
NEW Optional toolbar items "New Link", "Highlighting", "Edit/Preview Page", "Increase/Decrease font size", "Zoom In/Out", "Fonts" and "Colors" for browser windows
NEW Default toolbar item "Highlighting" for text windows
NEW Fuzzy search recognizes all European Umlauts and accented characters and "Sort By Name" ignores Umlauts
NEW Files with ".hlp" extension can be imported
NEW After entering a license code, DEVONthink asks you to backup the registration file and reveals this file in the Finder on demand.
NEW Icon for .dtLink files
Improved Revised split views providing a URL field, a button to launch the associated URL, a button to toggle the locking state, buttons to switch PDF pages and the possibility to edit contents without opening them in separate windows (see menu item
"View > Editable"). Furthermore DEVONthink displays a realtime word/character count while editing contents.
Improved Itís possible to set the locking/outlining state or modification date for multiple selected items using the info panel
Improved HTML parser supports DOS code pages 439-950 and all Macintosh encodings and is much faster and more stable
Improved "History" opens a new browser or brings an already opened history browser to the front. In addition DEVONthink remembers if the history was open on quit and restores the window on startup optionally and opening the history window does not modify the sorting/view settings of the home group anymore
Improved Rating of search results and summarizations
Improved Keywords list of content windows now also supports PDF documents and has no more check box. Instead DEVONthink retrieves the keywords as soon as the combo box will pop up.
Improved "Show in Finder" works also if a content window is the current main window
Improved Specification of import file types (see Preferences > Import > Files) is now only relevant for folders and their contents. Therefore files dropped onto DEVONthink, selected using the open panel or specified using the "import" script command are always imported.
Improved Dragging of images from Safari and of URLs from Mail to DEVONthink
Improved All aliases/symbolic links of file paths are resolved while DEVONthink is displaying or deleting images, exporting contents or showing them in the Finder. In addition, aliases and symbolic links inside the path to the DEVONthink database folder are also resolved (e.g. use aliases to access a central database located on a server easily but only one client at the same time can access the database)
Improved Itís possible to ignore ("override") the initial warning "Database already in use"
Improved Deleting empty groups does not prompt alert sheets anymore
Improved Modified creation of URLs reduces the file size of the first database file up to 30%
Improved Thumbnails of images with alpha channels are now stored as LZW-compressed TIFF data so that the alpha channel is preserved
Improved Simplified creation of image characteristics resulting in less memory usage (around 10-20%), smaller databases (around 10%) and higher speed (especially of "See Also" and "Classify" commands). Note that old and new characteristics are compatible
Improved Slightly revised image comparison working a little bit more like the human eye but still not that good
Improved Results of "Save in DEVONthink" script are recognized even without a ".pdf" extension
Improved Shortcuts of service commands are now immediately available (fix of common Mac OS X bug) so DEVONthink does not require HotService
Improved Unicode normalization of entered comments to unify different encodings of Umlauts
Improved Initialization of concordance panel can be cancelled
Improved Faster and less redrawing of browser windows
Improved Faster updating of database files (on quit and while autosaving)
Improved Stability of all frameworks
Fixed If the export option "Ignore URLs" was deactivated, exported files sometimes got the wrong file extension
Fixed Normalization of image search results was not correct (resulting in too many or too "good" results)
Fixed Revealing of contents did sometimes not work
Fixed Ungrouping multiple groups located in different parent groups was moving contents to the wrong destination sometimes
Fixed Destination for new notes was reset after opening the preferences panel
Fixed It was impossible to enter asian or accented characters into the search field of browser windows
Fixed Expanded state of list/split views was not always restored in the right way
Fixed Size of attachment icons in rich text contents was sometimes too huge
Fixed Text/HTML display of browser split views did not always update its contents after resizing the view
Fixed Option to switch between pdftotext and TextLightning did not work in english localization
Fixed URL handling (e.g. of links in HTML previews) fixed
Fixed Dragging text snippets from a text view (e.g. of content windows) to a browser window did not work
Fixed After updating the concordance drawer the list was unsorted
Fixed Conversion of empty rich text contents to plain text was not saved
Fixed RTF parser did not work in combination with some RTF documents created by MS Word. In addition exported files of such documents were corrupted.
Fixed Using arrow keys to move the cursor inside icon views did not always work
Fixed Minor glitches of localizations (e.g. of tool tips) and user interface (e.g. redrawing while deleting contents)
Fixed Minor memory leaks
Fixed Rare kernel bug fixed causing crashs, import freezes or possible data corruption
Fixed DEVONthink uses multiple heuristics methods to validate file extensions

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