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Alfred 1.6
Jul 08, 2003 12:14PM
Contributed by: inferiis
Download: 2.1M Disk Image

A shortfall of Mac OS X has just gone. Alfred is an easy to use, customizable, universal plug-in manager. Inspired from Mac OS 9's Finder and Extensions Manager, taking care of Mac OS X specificities, it improves user experience to install, remove and manage any kind of plug-ins like screen savers, preference panes, fonts... or anything else.

Main features include:
- Easy plug-in installation and removal.
- Dedicated user interface synthesizing installed plug-ins.
- Various plug-in management functionalities.
- Generic engine using customizable rules.

What's new?
- Added the file inspector (including generic information and preview).
- Added a file inspector plugin for the applications (more detailed information).
- Added a file inspector plugin for the screen savers (preview and more detailed information).
- Added a file inspector plugin for the pictures (preview and more detailed information).
- Significantly improved browsing performance.
- Alfred is now able to keep track of the files when they are moved on the same volume by another application (Finder...).
- Files are now moved into the trash instead of being deleted immediately.
- Folder hierarchy is now preserved when moving/installing files.
- The owner and permissions of the files are now updated accordingly when moving/installing.
- Fixed a bug which could cause an internal error when performing an administrator operation.
- Installation of a file matching one rule which has no destination is now handled correctly.
- Revamped the installation dialog to include an inspector for the installed file.
- Added the "skip" button in the installation dialog to only the current file instead without interrupting the whole installation process when several files are installed at once.
- Added the "report file" checkbox in the installation dialog to punctually control file reporting.
- The "copy file" checkbox of the installation dialog is now checked and disabled when the installed file must be copied.
- Revamped the file replacement confirmation dialog to include inspectors for new and current files.
- Added a third folding pane containing a file inspector in the main window.
- Revamped the manager windows to include a button bar similar to the one of the manager of the main window for file operations.
- Added support for dragging files from the managers.
- Fixed a bug preventing file operations in the managers of an "application's folder" based rule.
- Revamped the batch list windows to include a button bar similar to the one of the manager of the main window for file operations.
- Completed support for dragging files from the batch lists (to other applications and to the trash).
- Split the "File" menu into the "File" and "Installation" menus.
- Fixed the "Open with Finder" menu item.
- Updated and completed many toolbars.
- Folders are now accepted by open panels (when installing files and adding files into batch lists).
- Added support for sort order in the tables.
- Added the Japanese localization (thanks to RedGecko).
- Updated the overview of the built-in rules.
- Added the "Alfred Plug-Ins" built-in rule.
- Added the "File Systems" built-in rule.
- Added the "Frameworks" built-in rule.
- Added the "User Pictures" built-in rule.
- Updated the "Input Managers" built-in rule.
- Updated the "Pictures" built-in rule.

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