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Macaroni 1.3.4
Mar 18, 2003 04:54PM
Contributed by: Mechanist
Download: 573kB Disk Image

Automated System Maintenance for Mac OS X

Why should you have to remember to clean up your Mac once a week, or once a month? Shouldn't a computer be able to remember for you?

Macaroni is a tool which handles regular maintenance for Mac OS X's Unix core. Normally these tasks run on a regular schedule, in the middle of the night. However if you don't leave your Mac on all night, they never run. Your Mac won't wake from sleep to handle this.

Macaroni remembers the schedule for you!

Macaroni solves this problem. If a scheduled maintenance task is not run when it's normally scheduled, Macaroni automatically ensures that it's run at the next opportunity, whenever the Mac is on.

* Automatically runs maintenance jobs
* Configurable: Add your own scheduled tasks
* Custom tasks can be scheduled as daily, weekly, monthly, or at regular intervals (such as "every three days").
* Tracks maintenance history
* Displays results of latest maintenance run.
* Tasks may be configured to run only during system idle time.
* Tasks may be configured to wait until your system is plugged in, saving battery power.
* Maintains Mac OS X Unix privileges using the "Repair Privileges" utility.

New in version 1.3.4:

Keep those Unix permissions straight! Macaroni now automatically runs the Mac OS X "repair privileges" utility for you! Version 1.3.4 adds a "self-repair" capability that enables Macaroni to recover from certain types of file corruption.

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