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TDF Czar 2.4
Jan 23, 2003 09:05PM
Contributed by: herbbowie
Download: 1 MB Disk Image

Performs various useful functions with tab-delimited data, including all of the following: sort, filter, output, merge into templates to generate output text files (such as HTML), merge multiple files into one, combine records with duplicate keys, parse HTML into tabular data, including bookmark and address book files.

-- Added a new merge option that uses column headings from last file read, for files that do not have their own embedded column headings.
-- For file directories being input, broke the last modified date and time into two separate fields. The date field is in the form "yyyy/MM/dd" so that it can be easily sorted. The time field is in the form "hh:mm:ss tmz" with a military (24-hour) time, again for easy sorting.
-- Added scroll bars to sort and filter parameter displays.
-- Added a maximum explosion depth for file directory opens. Sub-directories will also show up as separate fields in resulting tabular data, as well as in sort key.
-- For file directory opens, changed the column heading for file names from "Name" to "File Name".
-- For HTML input, added ability to translate character entities found within HTML text to their equivalent ASCII characters. For now, translation is only provided for characters that are not platform-specific: " " (non-breaking space), "<" (less than sign), ">" (greater than sign), "&" (ampersand) and """ (double quotation marks). Entities may be specified using mnemonics or their numeric equivalents.
-- For file directory input, file names are now broken into a maximum of five separate "words" (separated by spaces, puncutation, etc.), which are returned as individual fields (Word1 through Word5).

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