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DockExtender 3.0 Beta 1
Sep 26, 2002 05:35PM
Contributed by: mklahn
Download: 1.4 MB Disk Image

DockExtender allows you to minimize dock clutter by allowing you to create DockExtender Menus that fit right into the dock or quickly access them through a menu bar tool. These menus contain lists of programs that are completely configurable by you. This greatly enhances the clean look of the dock, and improves speed and usability of the dock.

DockExtender also allows you to create unlimited numbers of multiple docks on your system and switch between them easily.

Configuration takes place through the system preferences application right beside all other user preference settings.

Bugs fixed from version 2.2:

- Fixed incomplete Dockling launches that made DockExtender menus unusable until the Dock was restarted
- Fixed filename truncation where version numbers with periods ('.') in them were incompletely listed in menus

Features new to version 3.01:

- Redesigned the DockExtender preference pane to make menu configuration much more intuitive and powerful
Access to adding, inserting and removing items through buttons and a contextual menu
Drag & Drop support for adding files, folder submenus, URLs and AppleShare volumes
All menu configuration may now be done in a single PreferencePane tab
New MultiDock tab allows you to create Dock configurations entirely from the PreferencePane
Create the menu bar tool menu like any other DockExtender menu
Icons for menu items are now shown in the "Menu Items" list
- Added AppleShare remote volume mounting, AppleScript running, URL opening abilities to menus
- Added the ability to add all files from a folder into a DockExtender menu
- Added two ways to access a folder as a submenu:
Dynamic Folder Submenus will reload the folder's contents if the folder changes
Static Folder Submenus will contain the contents of the folder when the submenu is created
- Made menu bar tool menu fully customizable & unique

Known Issues:

- DockExtender menu bar tool will not synchronize properly when changes are made in the PreferencePane on Jaguar (Mac OS X 10.2) systems
- Mounting remote volumes with a required password works sporadically on Mac OS X 10.1.x systems
- DockExtender commands do not work properly in Dockling menus on Mac OS X 10.1.x systems
- PreferencePanes' names are not correct in the "System Preferences" special submenu

NOTE: It is not possible to put icons in Dockling menus due to Apple-imposed limitations in developing Mac OS X applications. Apple does not allow dock menus to contain icons for Docklings or application menus, and we cannot work around this limitation. Once this functionality becomes available, we will include it.

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