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CodeTek VirtualDesktop 1.2
Jul 29, 2002 04:51PM
Contributed by: codetek
Download: 708Kb Disk Image

Imagine if instead of having 1 monitor attached to your computer, you had 100 monitors attached to your computer. Then imagine that each of those monitors could display different windows and applications that you were running so that you could dedicate a monitor to different parts of how you will use your computer to accomplish your work. Then imagine that any time you want you could bring one of those monitors right in front of you so that you could easily access the different windows and applications on each monitor.
CodeTek VirtualDesktop provides you with the capability to switch between desktops on your monitor as though you had separate monitors. CodeTek Virtual Desktop provides a GUI interface that contains your desktops arranged in a grid. Each desktop on the pager is a unique environment where you can accomplish your work. Windows can be moved between desktops simply by dragging them between desktops on the pager.

CodeTek VirtualDesktop provides the following benefits:

* Unclutters your screen for easy workflow
* Allows you to dedicate a desktop to each specific task you are working on
* Organizes your desktop for maximum efficiency CodeTek VirtualDesktop has many features, including the following:
* You can create up to 100 desktops
* Windows may be dragged between virtual desktops
* Hotkey support for rapid switching between desktops
* Desktops can have individual names
* A virtual desktop pager GUI to manage your desktops
* Skinnable pager interface
* The virtual desktop pager interface is fully configurable
* The virtual desktop pager interface can be hidden so it does not take up valuable screen space

* Application now stores desktops that a window was displayed on, and restores them to those locations if restarted
* An option has been added to disable desktop shifting by mouse if no window is being dragged
* An option has been added to disable the menu bar icon
* Options has been added to change the behavior of the hover text over the virtual desktop GUI
* Active desktop highlight color and the mini window border color are now seperate settings in the Appearance tab
* Layout of preferences window improved
* Performance of application improved
* CPU usage reduced
* Fixed crash that occurred when clicking on Pager Config tab
* Fixed hang in application when exiting if another desktop application was hanging
* Fixed crash that occurred due to a race condition when activating a window through the pager
* Fixed pager GUI flickering on Jaguar
* Memory leak fixed - Windows are now drawn correctly on the desktop when the application is exited
* Timer delay slider for updating now correctly takes its settings
* Bug where cancelling the setting of a hotkey would leave its old value removed
* Dragging windows between desktops now works with multiple monitors attached
* Multiple monitors now works properly when switching between desktops
* Windows no longer jump to the wrong desktop

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