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AppleScript Shell 0.4
Jun 04, 2002 10:21AM
Contributed by: Hayne
Download: 2K .gz Archive

This "AppleScript Shell" program is intended for interactive use in a manner similar to that of the standard UNIX shells. I.e. you use it in the Terminal. You can execute simple one-line AppleScript commands by just typing them and hitting Return. The AppleScript command will be executed immediately.
But many AppleScript commands are multiple lines (E.g. 'tell' or 'repeat' commands) For these, the "AppleScript Shell" will go into a batch mode where it stores your commands until you enter the corresponding 'end' command at which point your multiple-line AppleScript command will be executed.

There are a few special commands (starting with "-") that are
interpreted by this shell.
You can exit this shell at any time by entering the command

You can save typing by defining abbreviations via the "-abbrev" command
For example:
-abbrev strack some track of playlist "Library"
defines 'strack' as an abbreviation for 'some track of playlist "Library"'
so you could then issue the AppleScript command
tell application "iTunes" to play strack
in order to play a random song from your iTunes library.

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