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AppleUSBMouse 1.8.6d1 Turbo Edition
Oct 14, 2001 05:27AM
Contributed by:
Download: Disk Image

This package installs a modified version of Apple's USB mouse driver version 1.8.6d1 (current as of October 13, 2001) dubbed the "Turbo Edition". It makes your Apple USB mouse go much faster!

There is only one change from the original Darwin source code to make the mouse go faster. I simply lowered the mouse's default resolution from 400 to 80. Inspiration for this idea comes from the awesome folks at The Omni Group who originally made a modified mouse driver for Mac OS X Server 1.2 using this technique (They wrote: "in our experience the Mac OS X Server mouse is always much too slow").

The minimum mouse speed selectable in the System Preferences is now about the same as the old top speed, and the maximum speed I estimate is about 5 times faster.

If you suffer from Carpal-tunnel syndrome as I do or just have an extra huge monitor you will find this useful.

This kext has only been tested with system 10.1 and the Apple Pro Mouse, but since it is entirely based on Darwin source code it should be compatible with all mice which currently work with Mac OS X 10.1.

This driver has NO EFFECT on ADB mice, only USB mice.

Just because this program didn't explode my computer doesn't mean it won't explode yours, so use it at your own risk! However, if you do run into trouble with it I'll try my best to help.

To uninstall this new driver, simply delete the file AppleUSBMouse.kext from the /System/Library/Extensions folder and restart; the system will fall back to the kernel's built-in mouse driver. (For this software, you need not be logged in as root to uninstall it, so long as you are logged in as the same user as you were when you installed it.)

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