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Mar 13, 2001 07:31PM
Contributed by: mccoytest

Download: http://www.geocities.com/mccoytest/nopen.pl

nopen.pl is a little perl script to start macos X apps from the terminal. I use this in conjunction with at least two aliases in my .tcshrc.

% alias nsc 'nopen.pl screen '

# this one invokes the default screensaver

% alias o 'nopen.pl !*'

# this one just invokes the desired program.

nopen.pl builds a 'db' (just a flat file) of applications from 'standard' locations

on the system when first executed. subsequent executions just read from

the file. (use -b to rebuild the file after new additions.) ( -l will list the

available applications found.)


% o address

# just opens the editable addressbook

% o internet

# fires up internet explorer

nopen.pl permits you to type as few characters necessary to recognize an app.

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