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Advanced Web Ranking 3.7
Mar 07, 2005 10:37AM
Contributed by:
Download: 8.94 MB .tgz Archive

Caphyon LLC is pleased to announce the release of Advanced Web Ranking 3.7, a tool that helps check your web site position on all major search engines. Advanced Web Ranking runs on Mac OS X, Windows 98/2000/XP, Linux and Solaris.

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Most Recent Post: 10/24 03:39AM

Musicbed DV 1.0.3
Mar 06, 2005 08:41PM
Contributed by: synkaudiostudios
Download: 101MB Disk Image

An intuitive and easy to use production music tool. You can browse and shape professionally composed music beds to suit your video, DVD, or web project quickly and easily. Musicbed DV has an innovative feature that gives you interactive control over the music’s stylistic and textural characteristics, allowing you to customize the music’s feel to match the mood of your visual project. Additional music timeline automation features provide professional video creators with an easy way to sculpt the music over visual scenes or sequences.

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Most Recent Post: 10/18 01:39AM

SurfShop Pro™ 1.0
Mar 05, 2005 02:27PM
Contributed by:
Download: 330 KB .zip Archive

SurfShop PRO™ is THE shopping cart solution that does it all - complete with browser admin, search engine, optional customer sign-in, gift certificates, unlimited shipping options and calculations - and much more. It's e-commerce for the rest of us!

SurfShop PRO™ is a rock-solid perl script that runs on Mac OS X, plus other unix platforms, and works with MySQL or its own built-in database.

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Most Recent Post: 10/24 08:40PM

Bubblomania X 1.0.2
Mar 04, 2005 11:26AM
Contributed by:
Download: 15.2MB Disk Image

Bubblomania X is a fast arcade/action game, featuring subtle gameplay, flashy graphics, and music. Colorful bubbles are floating up the screen. You have to pop them with a pin before they leave the screen again. Some bubbles contain goodies like lasers, bombs, or an extra pin, while others give bonus points. There are magic bubbles, with psychedelic colors, which can dramatically alter the gameplay in both good and bad ways. And there's the occasional killer bubble that will come to hunt you down. Discover the extreme action, and prepare to be surprised.

Most Recent Post: 12/31 07:00PM

Xaes 1.5
Mar 02, 2005 05:08AM
Contributed by: Stephane
Download: 548k .gz Archive

GNU GPL project of Advanced Encryption Standard.
Dr Gladman C api used.
You can Encrypt / Decrypt a text, a file from Xaes application or Services menu.
Key is stored in keychain in System Preferences or typed in standalone.

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Most Recent Post: 09/30 04:07PM

RockGarden 1.0
Mar 01, 2005 02:12PM
Contributed by: walkergames
Download: 2.5 MB Disk Image

RockGarden is puzzle game that is difficult to describe. You remove similar colored and shaped rocks at least two at a time from the field, but for each additional rock the points double. It is high scoring and highly addictive, you’ll have fun developing strategies for scoring the most and for clearing the board (yes, it can be done). RockGarden has three levels of difficulty, multiple backgrounds, multiple rock “Themes”, and can be run windowed or full-screen.

Most Recent Post: 10/17 02:42PM

Airfoil 1.0
Mar 01, 2005 12:44PM
Contributed by: RogueAmoeba
Download: 1.6 MB Other File Format

With Airfoil, you can send audio from any application to your AirPort Express. Use Airfoil to play audio from RealPlayer, Windows Media Player, Safari, and almost any other application right through your AirPort Express. Give your audio wings, with Airfoil.

Most Recent Post: 10/18 04:48AM

ProjectForum 4.2
Mar 01, 2005 08:42AM
Contributed by:
Download: 1.1MB Disk Image

ProjectForum provides a professional and easy-to-use web-based focus for your team's work and collaboration. Its flexible wiki-style forums fill the gap between the scattered flurry of email and the time and expense of meetings or teleconferences.

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Most Recent Post: 12/31 07:00PM

Hangman Pro 2.0.3
Feb 28, 2005 12:18PM
Contributed by:
Download: 1.3M Stuffit Archive

Hangman Pro (the successor to Hang3000) is a colorful, educational, non-violent word-guessing game, with dozens of built-in categories of words, unlimited custom word lists, hinting, digitized sounds, speech, timed games, a new photo feature, and much more.

Hangman Pro now features fully 70 categories of words including Anatomy, Animals, Artists, Astronauts, Astronomy, Authors, Baseball Teams, Basketball Teams, Best Actors, Best Actresses, Best Pictures, Birds, Books, Canada, Cars, Cartoons & Comics, Chess, Christmas, Cities, Clothing, Colors, Composers, Computer Buzzwords, Constellations, Cosmetics Aisle, Cosmology, Countries, Country Music, Desserts, Dinosaurs, Dogs, Elements, First Ladies, Football Teams, Fruits, Hard Words, Hockey Teams, Insects, Islands, Jazz, Jewelry, Jobs, Magazines, Mars, Monsters, Musical Instruments, Mythology, Olympic Events, Operas, Planets, Presidents, Religion, Rock & Roll, Rocks and Minerals, Scientists, Shakespeare, Shakespearean Phrases, Star Trek, States, State Capitals, Street Signs, Television Shows, Tools, Toys and Games, Trees, Universities, Vegetables, Vice Presidents, Weather, and Women in History. Truly something for everyone!

Note to International Users: Hangman Pro supports the entry and display of words in Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, Flemish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish and Swedish.

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Most Recent Post: 09/06 11:34AM

Yoodoo 1.0
Feb 26, 2005 08:25AM
Contributed by: midori
Download: 6 MB .zip Archive

2 creative activities for your little artists, yooglow paint program, mistermonster, assemble monsters.

Most Recent Post: 09/06 08:57PM

Sole Possession 2.0.2
Feb 23, 2005 01:07PM
Contributed by: jtibbetts
Download: 11.4M .gz Archive

Sole Possession is a home inventory cataloger, allowing you to track where all your possessions are as well as providing you with estimated worth reports for insurance purposes in case of fire, theft, etc.

read more (19 words) 2608 comments
Most Recent Post: 12/31 07:00PM

pzizz 1.0
Feb 22, 2005 12:41PM
Contributed by:
Download: 52.2 MB Disk Image

pzizz delivers billions of combinations of sounds and voice through structured language patterns that encourage the subconscious to relax, while focusing and energizing the body and mind.

Most Recent Post: 12/31 07:00PM

Quizer 1.0
Feb 21, 2005 12:35PM
Contributed by:
Download: 13.5 Disk Image

Quizer is an authoring and presentation tool geared specially towards computer assisted teaching and testing. Teachers/trainers can use it to easily create highly effective teaching and testing materials which students/trainees can view and interact with.

read more (42 words) 4 comments
Most Recent Post: 09/09 01:57AM

Jurtle 1.7.1
Feb 17, 2005 06:35PM
Contributed by: btschumy
Download: 1.182 MB Disk Image

Jurtle is an integrated programming environment designed for people who want to learn programming in Java but may not have programmed before. It provides a simple yet powerful programming editor coupled with built-in facilities for compiling and running your programs. Unlike most other development environments, no complex configuration is needed in order to use Jurtle. Install it and immediately start running the examples and learning to write them yourself. It can be used by an individual to learn Java on their own, or in a classroom situation to teach java to a group.

Jurtle was initially developed as an aid while teaching an 8th grade programming class. The students found existing development tools too complex and boring to use. As Jurtle was introduced in the class, the students became more engaged and became more successful.

While Jurtle is ideal for high school or older middle school students, even adults wanting to learn the basics of Java will find Jurtle a great way to learn.

The Jurtle Integrated Development Environment makes it easy to learn java because it is coupled with an online Java tutorial.

Learning the full Java language can be a bit overwhelming, however Jurtle provides a gentle introduction to Java. It comes with its own tutorial that teaches you everything you need to know to begin writing basic Java programs. Jurtle starts you out by having you write programs that move a "turtle" on screen, leaving a trail that can create interesting and even beautiful pictures.

(Java + Turtle = Jurtle)

Once the basics of Turtle Graphics programming are mastered, Jurtle can be used to create simple GUI applications, web-based Java applets and text-based console applications.

Jurtle also has built-in links to other more advanced tutorials on the web such as Sun's highly acclaimed Java Tutorials. Jurtle has special features that allow easy importing of the examples used by those and other tutorials.

Jurtle really is the "Java Educational Environment". We hope you enjoy using it while learning Java.

read more (34 words) 2608 comments
Most Recent Post: 12/31 07:00PM

Parsnips 1.3
Feb 17, 2005 06:25PM
Contributed by: btschumy
Download: 800 KB Disk Image

Parsnips allows easy storage and retrieval of text gleaned from web sites, e-mail, chat sessions, usenet news articles, or even files you've received. It was designed to provide a place to keep the useful bits of information you come across each day while using your computer.

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Most Recent Post: 09/10 04:20AM

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