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Cepstral Text-to-Speech Voices 3.2
Mar 16, 2005 03:08PM
Contributed by:
Download: 80 MB Disk Image

Cepstral Swift - High quality Text-to-Speech (TTS) voices. Eighteen voices in six languages. The newest voice, David, is very smooth for reading news and browser content. Integrates 100% with Apple Speech Manager. Take advantage of Mac's support for multiple voices to speak different types of system messages. Requires OS X, 10.2 or higher. Cepstral voices are free to try, and $29.99 to buy.

Most Recent Post: 10/28 06:11AM

Daffodil Replicator 1.7
Mar 16, 2005 02:31AM
Contributed by:
Download: 1731 KB .zip Archive

Daffodil Replicator is an open source data synchronization software that ensures high availability of data in environments that make use of heterogeneous databases. Replicator can either capture a data-source snapshot OR synchronize changes to maintain a local database at remote client locations. It can also be used for sharing workload across enterprise database severs, by mirroring vital data on identical databases.

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Most Recent Post: 10/24 08:23AM

American Hangman 2.0.5
Mar 15, 2005 04:18PM
Contributed by:
Download: 808K Stuffit Archive

American Hangman is an educational game based on the classic hangman word guessing game we all played when we were kids. American Hangman merges the best of our Presidents3000 and States3000 games into one inexpensive game. American Hangman features colorful, non-violent graphics, digitized sounds, synthesized speech, pictures and information, and options designed especially for visually challenged users.

American Hangman is "secretly educational". It's played for fun, but you can't help learning. Learn the names of the Presidents and their Vice Presidents and First Ladies. Learn to recognize the face of each of the Presidents. Learn their terms of office, their party affiliations, the sequential ordering of the Presidents and more. Learn the States, the State Capitals, State Birds, State Flowers, State Trees, State Nicknames and more.

American Hangman includes Multi-Level Winning Streak Score Boards, allowing students and family members to keep track of winning streaks. Separate score boards are maintained for each difficulty level.

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Most Recent Post: 10/07 08:44AM

VChat 1.0a54
Mar 14, 2005 05:43PM
Contributed by:
Download: 1.9MB Disk Image

Brings the venerable cu-seeme back to OS X

Most Recent Post: 10/24 06:11AM

HCFA-1500 Fill & Print 1.0
Mar 14, 2005 04:42PM
Contributed by:
Download: 775KB Disk Image

HCFA-1500 Fill & Print is a program that lets you fill out HCFA-1500 forms on your computer and then print the data.

Most Recent Post: 10/07 11:37AM

J2SEditor 2.0
Mar 14, 2005 10:04AM
Contributed by: rloubejac
Download: 3Mb .zip Archive

J2SEditor is an IPTC caption editor with file management capabilities for MacOS X.

Designed for professional photographers and photo agencies, J2SEditor is used to view images according to their colour profile, sort files and add or modify textual meta-data of graphics files, individually or in batch, without affecting the documents (e.g. the caption of a JPEG file can be updated without recompression of the document).

The list of IPTC fields to edit as well as default values or other input controls are defined and stored in description profiles which can be adapted to each user with our J2SProfiler. Custom description profiles can also be made on demand.

Amongst other features, J2SEditor provides a toolbar e.g. for quick access to applications, folders or other tools so that J2SEditor can easily fit in a document workflow. Colour marks can be applied to the documents for faster identification. J2SEditor can also insert a colour profile into your image files and send a selection of documents to a FTP site. An Inspector window can be used to quickly display specific file information (e.g. IPTC or EXIF data, etc.).

J2SEditor supports all IPTC-compatible file formats such as JPEG, TIFF, Photoshop (PSD) and native IPTC image files (the IPTC is a standard used in the press industry for exchanging information).

read more (63 words) 11 comments
Most Recent Post: 10/12 06:11PM

TinyBooks 2.1.0
Mar 13, 2005 04:16PM
Contributed by:
Download: 220K Stuffit Archive

TinyBooks is the simplest way to handle the books for most small companies. Current and year-to-date "on-the-fly" totals are continually displayed. A fully non-modal Reports Window allows easy standard and custom reporting. All transactions are easily exportable to other programs in standard tab-delimited text files. Expense, income and special mileage entry forms can be printed for "off line" entry of data. Non-fiscal years are easily supported, as is the concept of recurring expenses (and income items.)

TinyBooks, based on years of experience "doing the books", is written exclusively for the Macintosh (OS9 and OSX) and is available now.

read more (53 words) 8 comments
Most Recent Post: 10/07 08:15AM

The Fontz 4.0
Mar 13, 2005 12:01AM
Contributed by:
Download: 2.4MB Disk Image

The Fontz is a versatile font utility that allows you to browse installed and uninstalled fonts, see what they look like at different type sizes, styles and colors, and even group them in like categories using a "wysiwyg" group editor. For fast and easy browsing run either a manual or an automatic font slide show where you can change size, color, style, and even the display text while the slide show is still in progress. You can view or print out any of your font groups, all installed fonts, and even folders of uninstalled fonts. The Fontz offers a combination of focused feature set and low price. A great deal for anyone who wants to find fonts quickly or organize their fonts easily.

read more (93 words) 1 comments
Most Recent Post: 10/14 06:02PM

Email Merge 2.3
Mar 12, 2005 06:11AM
Contributed by:
Download: 1.3 Mb BinHex

Email Merge is a program for Macintosh for creating a mailing of individualized email messages. It combines a database and an email message to create customized email messages. Email Merge is compatible with Apple Mail (OS X 10.3 or later), Entourage, Eudora, Mailsmith, PowerMail, Outlook Express, Emailer or QuickMail Pro.

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Most Recent Post: 10/07 10:41AM

Qemu .6.1
Mar 10, 2005 11:03PM
Contributed by:
Download: 988 KB .tgz Archive

A emulator capable of emulating x86, ARM, PPC (PowerPC), and Sparc architectures of CPU. There's also a graphic frontend or GUI called QemuX available that allows users to control Qemu from Mac OS X although at the moment it is incompatible with this version of Qemu due to the fact the QemuX uses .6.2 CVS version (development version)of Qemu. There's another GUI for Mac OS X called Qeasy available at SF.net which I haven't tried yet. Users can also download Qemu alternatively at SF.net or freeoszoo.org. Freeoszoo.org also has for download pre-ready to load images of OSes to load into Qemu (hard drive images for Qemu to load). I do not recommend downloading Qemu from freeoszoo.org since they don't always have the latest version available. To run Windows NT (maybe Win95 too)or later a G5 is needed, though DOS apps and maybe Linux run fine on G4s. ReactOS also requires a G5 to run fast enough.

read more (186 words) 6 comments
Most Recent Post: 10/18 07:55PM

iGetter 2.2
Mar 09, 2005 05:04PM
Contributed by: Presenta Ltd.
Download: 1.92 MB BinHex

iGetter is a full featured download manager and accelerator. It's a nice replacement for your browser's download manager.
iGetter can greatly improve the speed of your downloads using segmented downloading. In addition it allows auto resume on broken downloads, queue filtering by various criteria, site explorer, history list, scheduling downloads for low traffic periods, auto redial on broken connection, auto hang-up and shut down on completion, and much more.

read more (195 words) 9 comments
Most Recent Post: 10/24 08:50PM

World of Where 2.0
Mar 09, 2005 12:40AM
Contributed by:
Download: 5.4 MB Stuffit Archive

The easiest way to learn the countries and capital cities of the world on Mac OS X.

read more (134 words) 7 comments
Most Recent Post: 10/19 09:12PM

Math Stars 5.5
Mar 08, 2005 08:16PM
Contributed by: classone
Download: 2.9 MB BinHex

Math Stars 5.5 includes 5 math games for practicing addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts plus factors and multiples. This version also includes a practice module which tracks each student's mastery of math facts. Students who answer all questions correctly within the allotted time earn a gold star. After earning 10 gold stars, a student's name is placed in the Hall of Fame. Various time limits and adjustable difficulty settings make the program adaptable for all ages.
The program includes sounds and colorful graphics. Help is available within the program. Shareware $12. Site License $85. Registration documents included.

read more (109 words) 8 comments
Most Recent Post: 10/07 10:48AM

TinyBooks 2.0.9
Mar 08, 2005 01:29PM
Contributed by:
Download: 224K Stuffit Archive

TinyBooks is the simplest way to handle the books for most small companies. Current and year-to-date "on-the-fly" totals are continually displayed. A fully non-modal Reports Window allows easy standard and custom reporting. All transactions are easily exportable to other programs in standard tab-delimited text files. Expense, income and special mileage entry forms can be printed for "off line" entry of data. Non-fiscal years are easily supported, as is the concept of recurring expenses (and income items.)

TinyBooks, based on years of experience "doing the books", is written exclusively for the Macintosh (OS9 and OSX) and is available now.

read more (57 words) 5 comments
Most Recent Post: 09/03 09:31PM

MacSQL 3.0.3
Mar 08, 2005 01:24PM
Contributed by:
Download: 8.0MB Disk Image

MacSQL is a robust solution for database management on the Macintosh. A fully AppleScriptable application, MacSQL provides web authors, publishers, and developers with a simple, graphical way to interact with SQL databases. MacSQL supports native connections to MySQL, Oracle, Sybase, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, OpenBase and FrontBase. Other features include a comprehensive Schema Viewer for viewing and editing schema, a Create Table Tool for designing new tables, the ability to generate PHP and Embed Perl pages, FileMaker Pro synchronization, import of text files, and export of data in tab-delimited, CVS, SQL commands, XML, HTML, or Microsoft Excel format.

Most Recent Post: 10/23 07:12PM

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